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The March 2023 edition of Record Plug Magazine is now available at these fine Atlanta and Athens establishments. Please patronize them and tell them we said "Hi".


If you would like to advertise in Record Plug, please contact kip@recordplug.com.


If you would like to get print editions of Record Plug mailed to you, please email us to become a subscriber. We'll send instructions to pay by Venmo. You can now also purchase individual issues from our Bandcamp merch store. Nifty.


Well hell. Looks like we got ourselves our own social network. If you love talking about music (and we know you do) get yourself a free Mastodon account at our very own server: RecordPlug.Club.

Vinyl Compilation

We are currently in production on a vinyl compilation featuring 10 local bands. Vinyl pressing times are a bit crazy right now, so we'll let you know as soon they are ready for release. Sometime in 2023.